Anais do Seminário de Aciaria, Fundição e Metalurgia de Não-ferrosos

ISSN 2594-5300

46º Seminário de Aciaria - Internacional vol. 46, num.46 (2015)






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The purpose of the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) is to refine the hot metal produced in the blast furnace into raw liquid steel, which may be subsequently refined in the secondary steelmaking shop. Appropriated fluxes for the BOF could require low melting point to reduce the energy consumption, to reduce the energy to fluidity the slag at lower temperature and to melt at lower temperature than steel. It is necessary a good Tumble test result and the fluxes do not generate fines which could obstruct the blowing plugs, so we would have a homogeneous flux. A homogeneous chemistry that allows to control the basicity (Si and MgO levels) and a high absorption characteristics to combine the flux with P, S, Si, etc. are necessary. PASEK Dunite is an ultramaphic rock exploited in the north of Spain with a basic chemical classification being olivine and serpentine its principal minerals. It is formed by orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene and olivine in variable proportion. Dunite is a very homogeneous and hard stone. The main characteristics are: High hot and cold resistance to mechanical stress (shatter / crushing / abrasion), softening and melting points of a flux, not a refractory material, large porosity which is increased more than 20% when dunite is heated at BOF process temperature, and high absorption level, and stable components with low melting points. PASEK Dunite is a good flux in BOF process and its use is recommended if the BOF process produces pig iron with low Si content, generates high levels of slag and it is necessary maintaining the basicity index and the MgO amount and with high value of hot metal ratio (high amount of phosphorus to remove).



Fluxes, Dunite, BOF, Magnesium silicate

Magnesium silicate

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Martinez, Cristina Escudero; Rubio, Javier Martinez; Rodriguez, Esteban Ruisanchez. VALUE IN USE OF PASEK DUNITE IN THE BOF PROCESS , p. 797-803. In: 46º Seminário de Aciaria - Internacional, Rio de Janeiro, 2015.
ISSN: 2594-5300 , DOI 10.5151/1982-9345-27371